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Community-Driven Services

To have a successful harvest and achieve a high yield, it’s essential to make sure that your seeds are in good condition. If you need assistance, our team at Tracy Seeds in Janesville, WI can help. We offer contracted seed conditioning of soybeans, wheat, and oats. You can get the following services from us to improve your yields:
  • 9Custom Treating
  • 9Custom Planting and Combining
  • 9Custom Cleaning

These processes are essential to reduce damage to your seeds due to diseases. If you think that the condition of your seeds is affecting your yield negatively, reach out to us. Our staff is easily accessible whenever our customers require help. Even the owner, Josh Tracy, is just a phone call away. We consider you as family, so we’d be happy to guide you along your farming journey through our services.

Quality Products at Fair Prices

At Tracy Seeds, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality seed products at fair yet competitive prices. As an independent company, we can provide our customers with a vast range of genetics and traits suited to their farming conditions. You can also find various seed hybrids and products available at our company.

Whether you need alfalfa products that are suitable for well-drained soils or soybean products that have excellent disease tolerance, we can provide them for you. We also offer seed corn, oats, wheat, and forage seeds. Browse our offerings in our 2024 catalog today.

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We help farmers throughout the Midwest.

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  • 9Minnesota
  • 9Iowa
  • 9Michigan
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